About Me

I’m the founder and owner of The Military Financial Planner LLC, a Virginia registered investment advisor. I’m also a Navy spouse and retired Marine. All together I’ve been on Uncle Sam’s payroll for 28+ years: on active duty, in the Reserves, and as a spouse – I’m particularly aware of the many financial challenges military families face.

The Military Financial Planner LLC is a unique financial planning firm that specializes in helping Sailors and Marines of all ranks — other service members, retirees and veterans are welcome as well. I help my clients make the most of their military pay and benefits while saving for their financial goals. I educate them on how to avoid financial pitfalls and mistakes.

I provide objective advice through personalized, proactive service with transparent fees. Unlike some other financial planning firms, I don’t make money through commissions or hidden fees, or by selling complicated financial products. I am a fee-only financial planner, meaning that my compensation comes entirely from fees charged directly to the client. The benefit for you is that there is no incentive for me to recommend or sell mutual funds or insurance products just to get a commission.

The service members I like to work with have questions like these, based on their years of service:

✓ 0-4 years: What should my personal budget look like? How much should I be saving? What is the TSP? Can I afford a new car?

✓ 4-10 years: Should I join the Reserves? Am I saving enough? Should I buy a home?

✓ 10-20 years: Am I on track with my retirement savings? Where should I be saving for my children’s education?

✓ 20+ years: How much will my retirement pay be? What is SBP?

►If you’re interested in financial planning, financial advice, military personal finance, financial education, family budgeting, military life, or having me speak at your local event email me at: Rob@MilitaryFinancialPlanner.com. I am in Norfolk, Virginia, home to world’s largest naval base.